Stainless Steel Polishing

Just as there are several types of stainless steel available to fit your unique application, there exists an even wider range of sanitary finishes: from 2B, Commercial #4, 3A Dairy, #4 Sanitary and Bead Blast.

ACE’s 50+ years of expertise in producing sanitary finishes for food, beverage and pharmaceutical is built upon a drive to develop and use the latest, innovative finishing process and techniques.

Your specific finishing requirements are unique. A custom finish with a specific RA can exhibit an entirely different appearance depending upon your aesthetic requirements. We excel at helping you develop and produce a unique finish - your finish - that sets you apart from the competition.


Glass Beading

Glass Beading

Bead-blasted finishes have aesthetic appeal and can enhance the surface properties of stainless steels. Depending on the sanitary requirements, we can supply various mesh sizes for your specific application.

ACE’s 40 x 25 foot glass bead booth, currently one of the largest dedicated stainless booths in the Midwest, has built-in equipment redundancy, eliminating changeover downtime between different mesh requirements.

Operating with two shifts, our glass beading finishing services support our customers with a high degree of scheduling flexibility and rapid delivery timeframes.

  • 20 - Finishing stations
  • 1 - 25’ x 40’ glass bead room with dual automated reclaim system – virgin bead for stainless steel
  • 1 - Uni-hone glass bead unit
  • 2 - Steelmaster wide-belt sander w/digital readout, 53” capacity
  • 1 - Ramco 36” wide-belt sander
  • 1 - Kuhlmeyer 8’ ZBS twin-belt grinding machine
  • 1 - Hammond Roto-finish, 7 cubic foot tumbler
  • 2 - Walter Surfox 202 Chem-Clean unit
  • 1 - Deburring Machine. Apex 19” automated deburr finishing
 2B Commercial #4 3A Dairy* #4 Sanitary (32 RA or better) Bead Blast
APPLICATIONSMaterial handling and processing, direct food contact Cosmetic #4, for guarding food processing and shrouding Used in Hygienic clean rooms, 3A Dairy Process and for compliance with 3A Dairy standards Hygenic clean room pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries
where 32 RA or better is required
Provides a uniform finish for structural, material handling and food handling applications
SANITATIONSuitable for use in caustic, sanitary wash down proceduresSuitable for use in caustic, sanitary wash down proceduresSuitable for use in caustic, sanitary wash down procedures Suitable for use in caustic, sanitary wash down procedures Bead blasting on some stainless steel alloys is suitable for use in caustic, sanitary wash down procedures
NOTESA 2B finish may be preferable - and more economical - for your application depending upon the specific alloys and compliance requirements of your application Commerical #4 60 RA or better
No. 4 finish is NOT compliant with 3A Dairy Sanitation standards
Including flat surface finish, all welds must be ground and polished to 3A standard, to meet the requirements of the Dairy and Cheese manufacturing industries All surfaces and welds are ground and polished to 32 RA or better Bead blasting does not always produce a 'smooth' finish. The RA, or measure of smoothness, depends entirely upon the stainless base metal used, the blasting media and process. Alloys such as 304 and 316 stainless accommodate this finishing process

*3A Dairy Sanitation Requirements include stringent attention to fabrication processes that eliminate pits and holes which can harbor bacteria.