A commitment to safety in any workplace - but particularly in manufacturing - requires a true culture of engagement, where every team member is assured they’re working in an environment free of any risk to their health and well being.
Safety experts talk about the ‘culture’ - but it takes more than a buzzword, or two, to create an environment where everyone truly cares about their fellow team members.

Training is the key to affecting real change.

At ACE we train for safety; we train for emotional intelligence, we train for fabrication skills, we train for everything we value as team members. Our concern for safety and well being extends beyond the shop floor to our team members’ homes and families as well.

According to the National Safety Council, one of the most effective methods of promoting manufacturing safety is within smaller groups where everyone works toward a common goal. Our commitment to continuous improvement, championed by our value stream leaders and our conscious culture, create a unique environment where safety is an integral part of everything we do.

Our team members are trained in vital safety topics on regular basis. Our safety team, comprised of ACE team members, rotates two times a year, giving every team member a chance to be further trained and immersed in our safety culture.

Our leadership makes a conscious effort to record and correct near misses on daily basis.

Specific job functions and work areas may require additional, ongoing safety training, addressed regularly by each team member and related value stream leader.

Safety is where our heart is. We deeply care for each other at ACE and put safety first in everything we do!