As a stainless steel fabricator employing 116+ team members, we understand our role in the larger community we work and live in.

A commitment to sustainability means much more than changing light bulbs and reducing water usage - a true commitment means having an active culture of engagement, where every team member understands the impact of their actions - and strives to work together to reduce the environmental impact for themselves and the larger community.


Our Conscious Culture embodies everything we are and everything we do.

  • Replacing and upgrading compressed air equipment to decrease leaks.
  • Installing occupancy sensors throughout the plant to reduce electricity usage.
  • Installing destratification fans - greatly reducing HVAC costs while maintaining comfort levels for peak productivity.
  • Replacing and upgrading our equipment with newer and more effiecient technology to reduce power usage.

From having a team leader dedicated to championing these initiatives to our entire 116-person team, sustainability is a part of our business at every level.