A collaborative investment in your success.

From production on the shop floor to our team of engineers and value stream leaders - Value Engineering and process planning have one goal - to support you.

Our staff of engineers will work together with you to understand what it takes to fabricate your project:

  • Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to always be improving our processes and thinking.
  • Our goal is to reduce material and labor costs and improve lead times.
  • Collaboration always delivers the best results.

We focus on your priorities.

The ‘Value’ in Value Engineering must focus on the characteristics of the project that are most important from your point of view.

  • We understand and care about your pricing challenges.
  • We work to provide the most economical processes - to reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • From tolerances to finishing requirements, we consider every aspect of your project.

Value Engineering is about lowering the cost of manufacturing your stainless steel components and projects.

Our engineering team is deeply versed in CAD and 3D technologies - including AutoCad, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor and others - and can work with virtually any file type, allowing us to fabricate a high quality part at a competitive cost.

Our team’s extensive knowledge of the processes required for a project to flow through our facility and our commitment to sharing that knowledge, form the foundation of our ability to deliver real value:

  • Expertise in Value Engineering as a discipline.
  • Concentrating on design for manufacturability.
  • Process Innovation as part of a commitment to continuous improvement.

How ACE’s Value Engineering can serve your needs.

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