We provide unsurpassed fabrication, machining and Value Engineering solutions for industries requiring sanitary stainless steel components, by consciously combining deep customer understanding, process and technology excellence with an unwavering commitment to our people. We have expertise in many industries including food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging and environmental services.
2Does ACE provide machining services?
Yes. ACE has made significant investment in machining, to provide our customers with our in-house capabilities and knowledge, to meet associated lead time requirements. Our machining capabilities are extensive, whether in-house or contracted. Click here for a list of machining capabilities.
3What information does ACE need to provide a quote?
ACE needs a drawing to provide an accurate quote. We can provide a quote based upon a PDF-format file, but would require a DXG, DWG or SolidWorks file for production purposes. When submitting an RFQ, please indicate the required quantities - and whether or not you require a prototype or first article submission. Need help? Click here to contact Kevin Bailey and Kevin will be in touch shortly.
4Does ACE have any fabrication size limitations?
We’re currently only limited by the crane capacity and size of our doors - but we won’t let that stop us from working to accommodate a customer’s needs. We operate a 10-ton crane, under hook and have a door measuring 8-feet wide x 30-feet long x 12-feet high - but we’ve done bigger. Bottom line: we’re flexible!
5Does ACE have any minimum volume requirements?
No minimum requirements. If your project requires it, we can create a single prototype. We’re equipped to accommodate your needs, from a single prototype to hundreds or thousands of component pieces - all produced with the same level of quality and attention to detail.
6Does ACE offer high volume, simple part production capabilities?
Yes. From hundreds of simple parts requiring stainless steel laser cutting to the most complex stainless steel fabrications - we apply the same expertise and processes to every project. From the simple to the complex - we are problem solvers.
7Does ACE work with customers outside Illinois?
Yes. More than 50% of our current business is done outside of Illinois. We are able to meet the requirements of customers from across the Midwest, cost effectively and on-time, by applying our knowledge and expertise from 55+ years of producing complex weldments for the most demanding applications.
8How does ACE work remotely with customers?
Each customer has a dedicated sales representative and project engineer - backed by our entire team of 116+ problem solvers. We effectively use Skype, Video Calls and related technology to walk the customer through each project, ensuring we fully understand your needs and requirements.
9Can ACE deliver on tight lead time requirements?
While each project is different - we approach each one with the same degree of problem-solving. For a project with multiple weldments, for example, we have had success splitting production and shipments into several weeks - meeting the demands of the original shipment and delivering remaining frames/weldments per the agreed-upon schedule.
10Does ACE have the capability to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards?
Yes, ACE has over 50 years’ experience servicing the food & pharmaceutical industries in their sanitary product contact applications.
11Can ACE provide stainless steel metal finishing to specific Ra Standards?
Yes, ACE utilizes a Ra Profilometer to measure surface roughness to meet specifications from #8 Mirror Finish to #4 Sanitary Finish.
12What types of welding processes can ACE provide?
ACE can provide both GMAW (MIG) and GTAW (TIG). ACE has the latest technology in MIG welding with our Fronius CRM process, Orbital TIG with our ORBIMAT 165 for sanitary tubing and several other Pulsed MIG and TIG equipment.
13Can ACE manufacture custom tubular sanitary manifolds?
Yes, with our tube laser, orbital TIG, purge welding and sanitary polishing capabilities we can manufacture to your design and specifications.
14Does ACE have the capability to fabricate and machine frame weldments to meet sanitary wash down standards?
Yes, ACE is capable to fabricate and machine frames up to 40+ feet long and up to 6” diameter or square tube to several welding and sanitary specifications.
15Can ACE review and consult our design engineers to reduce cost on our metal fabrication requirements?
Yes, ACE has over 50 years of experience in stainless steel, we have a team of 13+ manufacturing engineers that are experienced in collaborating with our customers on design for manufacturability. Click here for more information on our Value Engineering Services.
16Can ACE manufacture from my 3D models and drawings?
Yes, At ACE we have SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor so we can accept most any 3D model format. Click here for a detailed list of our approved file types.
17Does Ace have machining capabilities?