Stainless steel has become the standard material of construction for many environmental applications, including municipal waste water treatment and management.

Stainless steel piping is used for aeration, transfer, and gas disposal and in the construction of grates, valves, tanks, screens and other equipment provides a much more durable and longer lasting solution when compared to galvanized or painted carbon steel.

Because it doesn’t rust as quickly, the use of stainless steel reduces maintenance and replacement costs associated with less corrosion-resistant materials, in addition to providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Stainless steel’s versatility as a high-strength, durable material which provides ease in forming and welding is of great benefit during equipment assembly, installation, maintenance and repair. Using stainless steel also eliminates metals as a source of water contamination.

Our team has many years of experience fabricating stainless steel components for use in environmental and waste water applications including: