We provide unsurpassed fabrication, machining and Value Engineering solutions for industries requiring sanitary stainless steel components, by consciously combining deep customer understanding, process and technology excellence with an unwavering commitment to our people.

In 1960, sixteen sheet metal workers launched ACE METAL CRAFTS COMPANY, inventing techniques that are now standards in sanitary stainless steel fabrication.

Today, our in-depth fabrication knowledge resides in our processes and people, many with 30+ years of experience, working alongside the next generation of engineers, welders, finishers/polishers and fabricators to make ACE one of the BEST fabricators of stainless steel components.

Whether your project requires hundreds of simple, stainless steel parts with predictable quality and repeatability or the fabrication of highly complex weldments - we apply the same expertise, insight and passion to everything we do.

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From the simple to the complex - we are problem solvers.

From thousands of simple parts requiring stainless steel laser cutting to the most complex stainless steel fabrications - we apply the same expertise and processes to every project.

In our business, there are two kinds of people; problem solvers and order takers. We hire the problem solvers. Then we continuously train them in our unique and effective way of doing business.

  • OEMs bring their toughest stainless steel welding projects to ACE because they know our quality and service are second to none.
  • Our knowledge of food and pharmaceutical safety issues and our experience manufacturing components that meet stringent sanitary requirements, translates into a deep understanding of the demands and challenges you face every day.

Lean - a culture of engagement.

To truly succeed at being Lean, the practice of continuous process, quality and cost improvement, there must be an active culture of engagement.

  • We view all team members as valuable problem-solvers, encouraging and promoting leadership through teaching and continuous problem solving.
  • We work to improve and leverage the intellectual knowledge of all team members, to help our organization learn faster and create more value through the reduction of waste, reduced cost and reliable lead times.
  • Our culture of engagement results in an organization that covets input from every member of our team, inspiring loyalty and consistently high performance, for a directly positive affect on your company’s outcomes.
  • When people take ownership of their work, you get better ideas.

Value Engineering

A systematic investment in our customers’ success.

  • If you want the job done right, send us your engineers and we’ll send you ours.
  • Our staff of engineers is dedicated to working with your designs to improve function and reduce costs.
  • We understand total cost of ownership is what really matters.

The tools we use
and how we use them.

  • We research and invest in new equipment and technology – investing even more in the training and customization of the technology to your unique challenges.
  • We push the capabilities of the equipment beyond the manufacturer’s ‘standard and customary’ uses, to identify and solve your existing, new and as-yet-unseen challenges.