Quality is a Mindset

Lean manufacturing - continuous improvement - is our strategy at ACE.

  • Continuous Flow: products flow through production without interruption.
  • Kanban Materials Systems: reduce the need for high inventory.
  • Standardized Work Processes: set a high bar for performance.
  • Visual Management Systems: empower teams to be self-directed.
  • Cross-functional Communications: tighten lead time and ensure quality.
  • Kaizen: helps our people live and breathe continuous improvement so customers enjoy better quality, cost and reduced time to market.
  • Lean Disciplines: following lower cost of ownership.
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“At ACE, everyone is a problem-solver”

Quality means - living and breathing a culture of engagement.

  • We view all team members as valuable problem-solvers, encouraging and promoting leadership through teaching and continuous problem solving.
  • We work to improve and leverage the intellectual knowledge of all team members, to help our organization learn faster and create more value through the reduction of waste, reduced cost and reliable lead times.
  • Our culture of engagement results in an organization that covets input from every member of our team, inspiring loyalty and consistently high performance, for a directly positive affect on your company’s outcomes.
  • When people take ownership of their work, you get better ideas.