ACE CEO Jean Pitzo Featured as a Panelist at the 2021 Small Giants Summit

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December 21, 2020
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July 28, 2021

Resiliency is often a defining trait of successful and sustainable businesses. When a global pandemic hits, the added stress to industry labor forces and supply chains brings a sharp focus on the importance of perseverance in the face of challenge. For this reason, “Resilience” was the perfect theme for the 2021 Small Giants Community Summit, held virtually April 27-28, 2021.

The Annual Summit serves as an extension of the Small Giants Community’s purpose - “to identify, connect, and develop purpose-driven leaders.” With a wide array of panels and roundtable discussions featuring industry leaders, the Summit aimed to help organizations build meaningful relationships, learn practical skills from workshops, and develop challenge-solving skills to tackle real problems companies are facing today.

Ace Metal Crafts Company is honored to have participated in the 2021 Small Giants Community Summit -- as a former Small Giants Award recipient, ACE appreciates the incredible efforts of the Community. During the 2021 Summit, our CEO Jean Pitzo was featured in the “Are Your Emerging Leaders Prepared to Lead? Building Your Bench of Future Leaders” roundtable discussion alongside Kevin Schnieders, President/CEO of EDSI and Deanna Walker, Chief Revenue Officer of Venturity.

“The Small Giants Community members care deeply about building sustainable organizations and in order to do so, they are always thinking about the next generation of leaders which is why it was important for us to cover this topic.”

Hamsa Daher
Executive Director, Small Giants Community

A key concept discussed in the roundtable included the importance of succession planning. Without a deep roster of leaders, organizations can become vulnerable. New leaders stepping up and providing consistent growth has been essential to ACE’s successful expansion and the acquisition of a second facility. Ace recognizes the importance of planning for the future and thoughtfully developing new talent within the company to execute that plan.

“Growth comes from developing people to take on new and exciting challenges. This has been the most rewarding part of my career. Providing new opportunities for others has enriched my life and the company’s culture. It has also enabled me to take on my own new and interesting challenges.”

Jean Pitzo
Chief Executive Officer

Ace Metal Crafts Company is pleased to participate in the incredible 2021 Small Giants Community Summit.
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