Forming + Rolling


Our forming operation is automated; we use off-line programming software to minimize set-up time and costs while providing for exceptional flexibility and accuracy.

Having made a significant investment in WILA precision tooling and automated clamping systems, our customers have benefited from minimized set-up times and improved accuracy.

Customer requirements are met by our skilled operators who coordinate every step of production, while our machines have Windows based 3-D software and controllers for optimal flexibility and accuracy. Our brake presses range in capacity from 150 to 350 tons.

  • 3 - Hydraulic press brakes with European style precision tooling and hydraulic tool clamping
    • 350-ton Bystronic Xpert x 13.4'; 29" of open height; dynamic sheet supports to assist lifting for large sheet and plate parts
    • 220-ton x 14' w/2' horn for conical forming
    • 150-ton Bystronic Xpert x 10.2'
  • 1 – Electric Press Brake; Coastone C15 48 ton x 63"; 5-axis back gauge



Our state-of-the-art 4 roll CNC equipment can roll standard cylinders with greater efficiency.

  • 1 - Bertsch hydraulic 4-roll NC machine, 6" dia. rolls; capacity - 7ga. x 72"
  • 1 - 3" diameter roller; capacity 16ga. x 50"