Embracing Engineering + Technology in Food Supply Safety

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February 15, 2019
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May 6, 2019

Food preparation and packaging tends to be taken for granted, rarely making headlines unless there’s a safety breakdown in the supply chain. Look no further than the significant media coverage of the E. coli outbreaks last fall – food safety jumped front and center as consumers became much more aware of the importance of sanitary practices all the way from the farm, to the kitchen table. At ACE, our commitment to meeting the sanitary demands of our OEM’s remains paramount in our 50+ years of providing stainless steel components to the food processing and packaging industry.

Dave Navin, President and CEO of Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc., explains the focus in food packaging today:

“Elegance in design is critical. When engineers can provide simple, effective designs, with few parts, the sanitation maintenance is greatly improved.”

ACE collaborated with the Spee-Dee team to provide a high-speed rotary filler base weld mount. This design incorporated clean welds and sloped surfaces, so that the same sanitary level of performance is available in Spee-Dee’s standard model as their ultra-hygenic model.

Dave also provided insight on the ProFood Tech expo which wrapped up last week:

“Track and traceability is extremely important within the food and beverage industry. We are the stewards of keeping products safe, and as we continue to challenge ourselves, and the industry, we look to numerous crossover technology solutions – some of which was on display at ProFood Tech.”

Another food industry expo this spring is the Food Safety Summit, which will address, among other topics, emerging issues in the food safety supply chain. In addition to the keynote presentation “What Will Drive Future Food Safety Progress?” by Michael Taylor, former deputy commissioner of the FDA, attendees will have the opportunity to complete certification courses in food safety, such as Produce Safety and Seafood HACCP.

Additional details, as well as registration information for the Food Safety Summit can be found here.

So with a clear focus on food safety, the food and beverage processing industry continues to expand and embrace innovative technology. Some of the ways companies are improving sanitation and productivity throughout their facilities are with crossover solutions such as these:

  • Packaging that monitors food freshness by touch, utilizing nanotechnology and freshness indicators, RFIDs.
  • Improved, highly effective sensors and controls for clean-in-place equipment, eliminating the burden and expense of disassembly and sanitation for interior surfaces.
  • Microbial deactivation technologies like electronic pulse fields for prepared food prep, reducing the dependence on thermal processing methods.
  • Packaging films with better sealing and machine tolerance, avoiding misalignment and evaporation issues.
  • Agitation and filling equipment adapted with filler monitors which adjust flow rate for even dispersion.

At ACE Metal Crafts Company, our sanitary expertise and Value Engineering services help ensure components can be produced efficiently and on time. Our engineering team can review your designs to collaborate on the welding process and finishes required – along with providing suggestions on ensuring component geometry, welds and joints that won’t harbor dangerous bacteria. To find out more about our capabilities, or contact us directly, visit https://acemetal.com/capabilities/.