Jean Pitzo Celebrates 40 Years With ACE

Wall Street Journal as a Best and Brightest National Award winner
Ace Metal Crafts Company featured in the Wall Street Journal
February 17, 2023

Successful entrepreneurs recognize opportunities and develop strategies to succeed. Children of entrepreneurs often have a front row seat to the rewards - and challenges - in building successful organizations. When these “next generation” entrepreneurs, armed with first-hand insight and entrepreneurial spirit enter the business sector, they have tremendous potential to create even greater successes than their predecessors. But that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed, or easy. A true commitment to growth can be the difference between success and failure.

A perfect case in point is Jean Pitzo’s 40 years at Ace Metal Crafts Company. When Jean joined ACE in 1983, she recognized the incredible opportunity in working with her father, Jack Lichter, to grow the stainless steel fabrication company he had purchased a year earlier. Beginning her career at ACE as the company’s first sales representative, Jean moved into leadership roles over the next six years until Jack’s retirement, at which time Jean assumed the role of President.

Throughout the decades which followed, ACE has continued to grow and thrive, regardless of economic conditions and in spite of fierce competition. As Jean explains, her unwavering commitment to growth and trust in ACE’s robust team of experts provides the confidence to continue their expansion:

“Never lead from a place of fear, that’s why [ACE] grew and so many of our competitors went out of business while we kept growing.”

While growing from a couple dozen employees to nearly 160, one of the biggest motivators for growth has been Jean’s commitment to ACE’s workforce culture:

“I felt it was really important to develop the company for the people who work here; they want a safe place to work both physically and psychologically. They want to be heard and valued. They want leaders who believe in them and root for them to win. For me personally, this is one of the biggest reasons for growth; to provide a psychologically healthy place to thrive for more people.”

Last year ACE was recognized as one of the ‘Best and Brightest Places to Work’ both locally and nationally, and recently received APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award.

In addition to stainless steel fabrication, Ace Metal Crafts Company has expanded their capabilities to better service their customers, including machining, assembly, and equipment manufacturing – with 2 locations in Bensenville to accommodate their business growth. 

Jean Pitzo and the entire ACE team look forward to many more years of life-changing growth and opportunities.