Why your next part should be machined by the fabrication expert

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May 20, 2015
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October 14, 2015

Fabrication technology and advances make headlines at a lot of shops, including ACE METAL CRAFTS COMPANY. Yet what makes ACE a great custom fabricator also makes us a great custom machining shop.

Our machining resources include advanced Mazak turning and milling technology, with live tooling, that helps us deliver exceptional efficiency and value on even the most unconventional contoured parts.

Specifically, our Mazak lathe with 12 station live tooling features a Y-axis that allows us to turn and mill with a single setup on the same machine.

The ACE formula for machining is straightforward: take on even the most complex projects, simplify the steps of production, excel at quality, and deliver a lower total cost.

“We apply a ‘less is more’ philosophy in our machining area. And by ‘less’ we mean fewer setups and shorter lead-time, fewer suppliers for our customers to manage, and ultimately lower total cost on the parts we deliver.” – DALE BALL, ACE METAL CRAFTS PRESIDENT

ACE offers Mazak turning and milling equipment because of its exceptional performance and flexibility for customers.

“The MAZATROL conversational programming software enables quick programming on the fly — there’s no need for offline programming for parts. Plus the software is easy to learn and teach our skilled machinists to use.” – ACE CNC OPERATIONS ENGINEER GHALIB ABBED

Every day ACE leverages this machining technology to deliver exceptional value to our customers:

  • Mazak VTC 300 3 axis CNC Mill with 48 tool magazine with Renishaw probe — 66.35” x 30” x 26”
  • Mazak VCN 510 3 axis CNC Mill with 30 tool magazine with Renishaw probe — 41.34” x 20” x 23”
  • Mazak QTN 250MY CNC Lathe with 12 station live tooling and Y-axis — 3.58” dia spindle x 14.75” chuck x 26.5” work space
  • Mazak QTN 250 CNC Lathe with 12 station tooling — 3” dia spindle x 3” chuck x 15” workspace

Ultimately, ACE onsite machining complements our fabrication expertise and complete engineering services. Let us provide a fast quote on your next machined part; and show how significantly reduced production time, fewer setups and steps, and the proven ACE focus on delivering exceptional quality can yield the most value for you.