Producing sanitary frames with lightning speed and accuracy is now possible with the tube laser

Fool-proofing with the tube laser
December 26, 2012
ACE Makes the “FAB 40” List of Top Fabricators
June 20, 2013

“What Ace can do with their tube laser takes sanitary frame weldments to a whole new level of speed and accuracy.”   – ACE customer

For food companies, nothing is more sacred than sanitary weldments and manufacturing But speed to market and cost efficiencies are also crucial. So at ACE, we’ve been able to achieve all this and more with tube laser technology.

Today ACE manufacturers frame weldments using the tube laser to go from the customer’s 3-D model directly into machine G-code, a process that allows us to eliminate mistakes and produce consistent, accurate frames—frame after frame. The seamless, single piece flow process is just part of the story; frame weldments that once took ten weeks before tube laser technology now take half the time with exact precision at a lower cost.

So speed to market, accuracy and cost efficiencies are assured. Where’s the magic? There is no manual entry of dimensions or measuring for things like the saw, the mill or drills. According to ACE Engineering VP, Kevin Bailey, “When you think about the fact that there are hundreds of components in each frame, you risk compound errors if you’re not using tube laser technology. It lets us take the customer’s 3-D model and go straight to G-Code programming without translating through other software. We can cut precisely as the customer designed the model.”

While many fabricators use tube laser technology to produce commodity parts, ACE specializes in fabrication of sanitary equipment for the food industry. At ACE we utilize our decades of fabrication know-how along with the latest in technology to turn your 3-D models from concept to reality.

To see a demonstration of the tube laser in action, contact Kevin Bailey at