Appreciation in the Workplace: A Proven Productivity Booster

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ACE METAL CRAFTS COMPANY Celebrates Our 60th Anniversar
January 22, 2020

November is here and in full swing! The leaves have fallen and, with them, the first half of Q4. With Thanksgiving around the corner, appreciation is often top of mind at home—but does it make the list at work? Research says, it should.


Effectively displaying appreciation in the workplace is a skill, which is one of the reasons employees report receiving little to no recognition from their leadership or peers at work. Actually, a Harris poll finds that in the last year, 65% of workers say they’ve received no recognition for good work. Such lack of acknowledgement leads to increased turnover, decreased motivation, and lessened productivity. Workgroups with at least a 3-to-1 ratio of positive to negative interactions were statistically more productive than those with a ratio that fell below 3-to-1.1 Investing in employee appreciation is worth the investment—as is training to appreciate in the most effective, authentic way possible.

Appreciating Effectively

Again, investing in employee appreciation is worth the investment—if executed correctly. Both a science and an art, it is key to combine both tactical practice and genuine thought. The Conscious Leadership Group outlines four straightforward ways to practice appreciation in what they call “The Four Keys to Mastering the Art of Appreciation”2:
  • Be Brief: Keep your sentiments to what you can say in one exhale
  • Be Specific: Pinpoint your thoughts so that others can identify exactly what you mean, helping the action to be repeatable
  • Be Unarguable: Be aware of hyperbolic statements that might make others wary to accept your ideas
  • Appreciate With Your Whole Self: Buy in to the experience of appreciation, and the connection will resonate mutually

ACE and Appreciation

At ACE METAL CRAFTS COMPANY, we’ve truly embraced appreciation as part of our culture. To us, it means revealing the riches in others, through noticing, valuing, and expressing. It is one way that we set our value of care into action. Exercising these behaviors, valued partnerships plus collaboration, so consistently has led to multi-faceted benefits: employees who regularly go above and beyond and company-wide growth that has allowed us to expand to provide further capabilities to our customers.

Further, ACE extends concepts and practices beyond internal efforts to include customer relationships, leading to long-standing, strong external relationships with customers and vendors. We take pride in the partnerships built and the results

[1] Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. 7 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

[2] Diana Chapman, Co-Founder of The Conscious Leadership Group The Four Keys to Mastering the Art of Appreciation