The Growing Presence of Cannabis at Industry Trade Shows

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It is officially “expo” season! With the plethora of trade shows on the horizon, there is ample opportunity for education, support, and networking. However, wildly expanding industries are driving changes in the traditional trade show landscape, especially when it comes to food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging. One major change is the ever growing (pun intended) presence of the cannabis industry.

Next week, major players in the packaging industry will head to Las Vegas, Nevada for Pack Expo. For three days, September 23rd-September 25th, 30,000 attendees explore 40 different vertical sectors within the industry. Though the show offers over 2,000 exhibits to fill an attendee’s schedule, it encourages exploration beyond the show floor: to free education sessions and pavilions that give a wide-range of experiences.[1]

Healthcare Packaging Expo is co-located with Pack Expo this year, and is held over the same three days, September 23rd-September 25th. Focused solely on packaging within pharmaceutical production, Healthcare Packaging Expo features over 250 exhibitors interacting with more than 5,000 attendees in the packaging and processing industry.[2]

One of the highlighted industries at both Pack Expo and Healthcare Packaging Expo is the cannabis industry. Set to reach $24.5 billion in 2020, the cannabis industry is not to be ignored, with $11.2 billion projected for recreational legal market growth and $13.3 billion projected for medical legal market growth. These products bring their own set of highly specialized packaging needs.[3]

Our commitment to innovative engineering allows for our competencies to expand with the industries we serve. At ACE METAL CRAFT COMPANY, we partner with our customers in the cannabis/CBD industry to supply fabrication and parts that are designed for manufacturability within sanitary and packaging guidelines.

Another upcoming trade show, being held October 8th-October 11th in Chicago is Process Expo. This is the largest trade show in the country focused solely on the latest and greatest technology in the food and beverage processing/packaging industry. With over 500 exhibitors, ample networking opportunities for over 15,000 attendees, as well as exciting training and education sessions throughout, Process Expo is the most comprehensive show in the industry. The focus of Process Expo is innovation—unsurprisingly, it will also highlight the cannabis industry.[4]

Process Expo Education Sessions for the cannabis industry include:

  • How to Break into Legal Cannabis Edibles and Beverages Product Development
  • Improving the Supply Chain for Development of Legal Cannabis Edibles and Beverages
  • Unique QA/QC and Food Safety Considerations in Legal Cannabis Edibles and Beverages R&D
  • Cannabinoids as Functional Ingredients

At ACE METAL CRAFTS COMPANY, we are dedicated to advancing our technology so we can provide the best stainless steel components in food packaging, food processing, pharmaceutical packaging, and pharmaceutical processing, including the highest quality parts and fabrications for the cannabis and CBD industry. To find out more about our capabilities, or contact us directly, visit