Manufacturing Embraces Technology

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While technology has impacted many industries, stainless steel fabrication has been transformed from a fundamentally manual process to a highly technical system of machines.

A 2018 Deloitte study has found top technology investment areas for manufacturers include modeling and simulation, IoT platforms, as well as optimization and predictive analytics. Currently, 86% of the top 100 companies in R&D spending worldwide are from the manufacturing industry. i

Specifically within the metal fabrication industry, today’s automated systems—known as multisystem integration, or MSI—combine multiple machines into a stream-lined production flow. The metal fabrication production process begins with a CAD designed project. Each part is then produced from the model.

Thanks to industry advances such as this, bending and metal fabrication are performed with precision, offering maximum resistance to mechanical deflection, which means greater accuracy can be achieved. Lasers have made quality-guaranteed products a reality – with improved metal fabrication times as well.

ACE Metal Crafts Company introduced a new Mitsubishi Fiber 6000 watt laser to our fabrication line earlier this year to ensure we continue providing the ultimate stainless steel fabrication to our customers. Fiber laser technology offers higher cutting speeds, allowing faster response to customer needs.

Our Bystronic Xpert Press Brakes provide the most advanced technology of its type in the world, delivering precision, accuracy, repeatability and speed with several key features, including:

  • Intelligent safety tool detection system
  • Dynamic bending pressure regulation
  • Optical bend guiding system
  • Independent 5 axis back gauge
  • Laser angle measuring with automatic correction

These laser and press brake advances are not only investments in our future, they are producing exceptional metal fabrication for our customers today.

“Our latest investment in fiber laser technology positions ACE Metal Crafts Company to be able to respond to increased customer demands and short lead times.”
- Dale Ball, VP Manufacturing Engineering
While technology alone cannot offer a solution to all of the operational challenges in manufacturing, the right technologies are emerging that enable us to look at new ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

[i] Louis Columbus, Contributor. The Future Of Manufacturing Technologies, 2018