More Women in Manufacturing Begins with GADgET Girls

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June 12, 2018
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August 13, 2018

This is an incredible time to be involved in the manufacturing industry. Overall, U.S. manufacturing is experiencing strong growth; supporting about 18 million jobs (considered the world’s eighth-largest economy) and providing above-average salaries. Disappointingly, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that overall, while women represent almost half of the total labor force in the United States (47%), they constitute less than a third of all manufacturing jobs (27%), even with the tremendous opportunities available in the industry.

How do we change this stagnation of women in manufacturing to adoption of manufacturing as a strong, viable career? At the start of the pipeline, the education must start early. Increasing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education participation and proficiency for girls starting in elementary school is a critical first step. Manufacturers must come together to create positive exposure and experiences for women at a young age. When students have some knowledge of the opportunities in manufacturing, their interest in pursuing it as a career rises exponentially.i

This month ACE Metal Crafts Company is pleased to host Camp GADgET (Girls Adventuring in Design, Engineering and Technology), an outstanding, hands-on summer program at Triton College. Each year, more than 30 middle and high school aged young women participate in this 2 week camp. Throughout the program, campers design electronic devices, practice metal fabrication and build robotic mechanisms.

“ACE Metal Crafts Company is delighted to provide a hands-on collaborative environment for young women interested in manufacturing – it is why we support Camp GADgET and why we love inviting the camp to ACE again and again. We know that by inviting these young women to the camp, they will build a great understanding of manufacturing because of these collaborative experiences and innovative problem solving situations. This helps the manufacturing industry continue to grow and evolve.”
- Deb Benning, Chief Relationship Officer, ACE Metal Crafts Company
We will see a rise in women choosing careers in manufacturing by providing early STEM education, as well as broadening opportunities for young women to become involved in programs such as GADgET Girls, where hands-on participation is paramount. ACE Metal is committed to providing excellent role models to young women who are inspired to pursue careers in manufacturing.